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To successfully lead and operate an organization, it is necessary to direct it and keep it under control in a systematic and transparent manner.
The Management of BMZ MOLDS S.r.l.
identifies the criteria for leading the company towards improving performance in the following nine principles:

1. Customer orientation: understand their present and future needs, meet their requirements and aim to exceed their own expectations in order to satisfy explicit and implicit needs.

2. Leadership: create and maintain, through area leaders, an internal environment that fully involves resources in achieving the set objectives.

3. Involvement of resources: company resources, at all levels, constitute the essence of the organization and their full involvement allows them to place their skills at the service of the organization itself.

4. Process approach: clearly define all the data that regulate business processes and manage them effectively.

5. Continuous improvement: promote, manage, implement, continuously verify the improvement processes within the entire organization.

6. Relationships of trust with suppliers: create a relationship of mutual benefit and consolidation with suppliers.

7. Decisions based on factual data: take decisions based on the measurement and analysis of data and documented information.

8. Ensure the monitoring of the context in which the organization operates through:
  • periodic reassessment of risks and changes in the operating context,
  • periodic analysis and monitoring of strengths and weaknesses,
  • monitoring the needs and expectations of relevant interested parties,
  • constant monitoring of the economic parameters for a precise knowledge of the equilibrium levels.
9. Protection of employees in the workplace against the Covid-19 epidemic: adequate work environments to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus following the definition of protocols and related guide instructions, in compliance with the D.P.C.M 11/03/2020 and related subsequent updates.

The Management of BMZ MOLDS S.r.l is committed to ensuring that these principles will always be implemented and monitored over time.
Issue date 18/09/2021 D01 - Rev.02 La Direzione Generale - Fabio Montanari